How to Stay Productive During Quarantine


\Hello! Along with the rest of college students in America, I was sent home 2-ish weeks ago to continue the semester remotely. I don't know about you, but whether you're a college student, high school student, working, stay at home mom, whoever you are, your life has probably been flipped upside down due to the coronavirus. There's no avoiding it, and we are all in this together. 

That being said, I, along with everyone else, has had to create a whole new schedule in the past couple weeks that will continue until who knows when. During the first couple days I REALLY struggled with productivity. I'm the most productive when I can leave and get work done at a coffee shop by myself. Now that all the coffee shops are closed, I've been forced to do work at home with my entire family home. Hello distractions! I know we're all in the same boat, and I thought it might be helpful to share some tips with what has helped me stay productive and get school and work done at home.

1. Batch Working 

I've always been a huge fan of batch working. I find it easier to work on one task for a long time instead of lots of little tasks. For me, none of my classes are through Zoom, my professors have just been sending weekly itineraries out with a to do list of assignments that are due the following Sunday. This is where batch working has become super handy! I typically try to stick to studying 2 subjects a day and alternating the days instead of doing one assignment from each class every day.

2. Keeping My Google Calendar 

I LIVE off of my GCal throughout the school year. It keeps me organized with a busy schedule, and I love to look at my calendar throughout the day and visualize exactly where I need to be, at what time, and what I need to accomplish throughout the day. I added everything to my GCal - including scheduling naps and dinner! It helps me stay on track! Initially, after school was moved remotely, I went through and deleted everything on my Google Calendar. I'm now starting to add back to my GCal and create a schedule for myself again, because for me I'm most productive with a schedule! I highly recommend scheduling your day even if you just include basic time blocks for things like:

  • Breakfast
  • Walking or working out
  • Tasks (such as studying math, cleaning out a drawer, making dinner, etc.)

3. Create Your Ideal Workspace 

The first week home, I decided to deep clean my room. EVERYTHING including all of the random crap under my bed was taken out and vacuumed. I figured since my room will be my office, sleeping space, and library for the next few months, I might as well have a clean space where I can think clearly. I also made sure to clear off my desk space completely, make sure pens and highlighters were nearby, and added some candles to my room! Make your space clean, and a space you want to be in!

4. Give Yourself Grace... and BREAKS!

I think it's important to accept that you probably won't be as productive as you are in your ideal workspace - whether that is actually in the office, the library, or a coffee shop. Give yourself some grace - were are all adjusting, and adjusting takes some time. Also, I think it's important to give yourself lots of breaks (which also comes in handy when scheduling your GCal. Seriously - schedule in those breaks!!) Additionally, instead of using your break to sit on I, you could also:

  • Bake Something - I'll share my favorite chocolate cookie recipe soon!
  • Read a chapter or a few pages out of a book 
  • Doodle 
  • Organize! I find organizing relaxing - even if it's just a sock drawer 
  • YouTube yoga - I've been loving this yoga video lately
  • Read blogs or articles not pertaining to COVID-19 
  • Grab another cup of coffee or tea

5. Set Timers!

I find that if I set an hour timer to complete a task, then put my phone on the other side of the room helps SO much. It's easy to do one productive thing... then "reward" yourself by scrolling on Instagram and getting sidetracked. 


There ya have it! 5 tips to stay productive during quarantine! Do you have any other tips? I'd love to hear it!