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      The AGM June Monthly Mission is partnering with Women's Global Empowerment Fund, a nonprofit that creates innovative economic, social, and political opportunities for women and families in the post-conflict region of northern Uganda. Those opportunities include literacy training, a unique microcredit lending model accompanied by business and leadership training, health initiatives, sexual violence education, social justice programming, and more. WGEF helps these communities transform by becoming their own advocates and creating their own solutions to move themselves forward.

      A by-the-numbers snapshot of WGEF’s achievements:


      • 19,570: Microloans distributed to help women launch businesses (more than 6,000 loans in the past two years and 1/3 are agriculture related)
      • 5,800: Women who’ve participated in literacy training (more than half of those in the last two years)
      • 8+ Million: Locally made sanitary pads distributed to 16 schools and three refugee camps through the Healthy Periods Initiative (HPI), giving girls and women a way to manage menstrual hygiene, stay in school, and fight social stigma, along with repo rights trainings.
      • 572 women to date who are leading in their communities as elected officials; at the village, district and regional level. This is truly an inspiring example of sustainable human development and women’s empowerment. 27 Leadership Development participants ran for political office in the Jan 2021 national elections; 25 of them were successful and are now making a difference with a seat at the table.

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